This Holiday Season, Make It Simple But Delish for Seniors with Diet Restrictions

Worried about serving the right appetizers, drinks, entrees for loved ones who have to watch salt or sugar intake? Are some foods or drinks off-limits for guests? Anxious about having to prepare a lot of extra dishes along with all the other activities you’re rushed to put together?  There are ways to make these healthy adjustments that, frankly, everyone will enjoy and will save you time and worry.  Look on-line for all sorts of resourceful ideas.  We’ve included a few of our favorites for your consideration

“Build A Bowel”—not to be confused with the bear!

Instead of the big sit-down dinner, make it easy with a buffet—and even easier when you provide all sorts of options and serving spoons!  There are so many great recipes/themes  to make this successful and healthy for all! Your guests will enjoy the change and the ability to ensure they are eating right. You’ll want a healthy carb like quinoa as well as perhaps rice as a base for protein choices which can be anything from poultry to fish; plenty of veggie choices, raw as well as broiled or steamed—you get the picture!  Offer yoghurt along with sour cream or a sauce you created. Variety of choices will be the key and the party pleaser!

Substitute –They Won’t Even Know You Did!

Substitute olive oil for butter when you sautee veggies or proteins or in salad dressings. Use vegetable broth instead of chicken or beef—no one will taste the difference but vegetarians will be happy and there are low-salt brands. Use herbs instead of salt to season foods or try a salt substitute—they’re getting better and better. As for sugar-free items, there are so many more deserts and treats you can purchase; the taste is getting so much better you could put these cookies and candies out there for everyone to enjoy!

Pitchers or Punch Bowels or Beverage Dispensers of Sparkling Beverages 

While some will be enjoying a cocktail or alcohol spiked punch, still others will appreciate mocktails made with fruit juices and sodas.  Yet those sugars may be out of the question for others, so be sure to have fresh fruit infused waters; add fresh cranberries and a sprig of fresh rosemary to make it festive. Slices of citrus—lemons, oranges, limes studded with cloves all are holiday fare.  

There are so many flavored seltzers with color and flavors to add to the festive array.  Even a variety of the colorful cans on ice in a fancy bowel will send a special “we care about you” message.  Have plenty available—watch the appeal to those who have had their cocktail or wine or craft beer and are craving a simple thirst quencher!

Try It, You’ll Like It—

Hopefully we’ve provided a few tips to help you accommodate everyone with a minimum of extra preparation. Hopefully you’ll be enjoying the season as you start a new tradition—build your own buffets!  Happy Holidays from Residences Senior Living!

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