With a variety of on-site wellness programs for our senior residents and their friends, we make it fun and easy to stay active and engaged at any age.

Senior woman being assisted by instructor in lifting dumbbells at gym. Senior woman training in the gym with a personal trainer at rehab.

Join in on a morning exercise class or take a stroll down our peaceful walking paths. Check out a Wellness Wednesday educational program to learn the latest health trends from industry experts or take advantage of our on-site fitness room with a variety of senior friendly exercise equipment. Invite your friends and family to our many wellness programs open to the public.

Staying fit at any age, any time.

Staying fit at any age is important, but it becomes increasingly more important as we age. Regular exercise and physical activity can reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease, strengthen bones and muscles, improve your mood, reduce stress and anxiety, boost your energy and control weight. At the Residences at Deer Creek and Residences at Coffee Creek, we have certified personal trainers to help residents maintain an exercise regimen that is safe and effective based on each person’s level of physical activity.

And thanks to the suggestion of our Resident Life Enrichment committee, we are happy to offer a variety of exercise classes with some classes now offered multiple times per day!

At some of our locations we also provide a free monthly class the last Friday of each month, that is open to seniors in the community, as well as our residents. This program is called Stay Fit Fridays. This program allows seniors in the greater community an opportunity to stay healthy and provides our residents additional motivation to work out and make new friends.

Along with weekly exercise classes, we also have a fitness center with senior-friendly equipment, outdoor walking paths, educational programs on wellness and more!

Learn about our wellness programs and how they may be a great fit for you and your family!

Portrait of happy senior couple laughing heartily enjoying time together in retirement sitting at table in outdoor cafe drinking coffee with cakes

At Residences Senior Living, wellness goes far beyond just physical fitness. Our wellness programming also encompasses our residents’ social and mental wellbeing.

Social and Emotional Wellness

A benefit of the Residences Senior Living lifestyle is promoting our residents’ freedom of choice, improved quality of life and independence. All residents have access to our on-site, specially trained Social Worker to augment their personal support system.

Our Social Worker helps each resident define and achieve their individual goals to lead a rewarding and full life.

The primary way we accomplish this is by:

  • Providing information on all available resources and options for life’s most important decisions.
  • Offering Mental Health Counseling.
  • Following and visiting the resident through hospital stays.
  • Providing guidance and suggestions for further care, if needed.
  • Encouraging and guiding personal development to overcome unforeseen changes and setbacks in health and lifestyle.

Real Reviews, Real Care

“This is a friendly environment. I moved here from a different assisted living because from my first visit, I could tell that this place was quality. I didn’t have any doubt to move and I’ve made so many friends here. I’m diabetic so it was important to have a lot of good options and I always have so many choices when eating in the restaurant. I am very happy here and this is my forever home.”

Lettie K., Resident

“This was my moms home for a few months before she passed. I wished we would have moved her sooner because she would probably still be alive today. God bless your staff. They are angels and my whole family cannot say enough about how well mom was cared for. We will always drive past Residences at smile. Thank you for all that you do.”

Bob B., Family Member

"When we walked in, it was just beautiful. We liked that the Residences at Deer Creek had a good memory care facility because she may need that someday. And everyone is so friendly and helpful."

Rita, Daughter

“As an independent person, I enjoy the daily life-enriching programs, access to therapy and the open restaurant dining. I never have to cook – who could ask for anything more?”

Louise, Resident

“We looked everywhere and this is the best place! Everything is so convenient for us – I don’t care what you need or want, staff takes care of it.”

Joe and Maryanne K., Residents

"I like that we are like a family here"

Jessie C. – CNA

“I like working here because it’s a safe, friendly environment full of great people.”

Liz, Housekeeping

“I love living at Residences at Deer Creek because the staff is so highly trained and so compassionate. They’re cool and really nice - the nurses, the people in the restaurant, everybody!"

Dannie N., Resident

“I like that my co-workers make even the hardest days fun and I look forward to coming to work.”

Diane S. – CNA

“Leadership is wonderful. They have a sense of humor and whenever I ask for their help, I get it.”

Martha W., Resident

"I have lived here for over 3 years...We chose Residences at Deer Creek in about 15 minutes, because it seemed to provide all our needs and left a pleasant feeling of relief to us. I might add we have never been prone to making snap judgments. It has been a good fit."

Bob, Resident

“I like working here because it’s a safe, friendly environment full of great people.”

Liz, Housekeeping