As a Dishwasher, you provide care for our residences with friendly, positive co-workers adjacent Coffee Creek Watershed Preserve. 

Our staff work in our culture of teamwork and respect – with some laughter throughout the day!  We work together towards our goal of exceptional resident care.

I.                  Position Summary:

The Dishwasher is responsible for maintaining cleanliness and sanitation standards for tableware, glassware, cooking utensils, etc., using machine and manual cleaning methods.  This position ensures the dishwashing and kitchen area is maintained as a clean, safe, and sanitary environment.

II.               Dishwasher Activities

1.         Cleaning and Sanitation Activities                                                                                90% of Time

  1. Sort and rinse dirty dishes, glass, tableware and other cooking utensils and place them in racks to send through dish machine.
  2. B.     Sort and stack clean dishes. Carries clean dishes to cook’s line and other proper storage areas.
  3. Change dishwater in dish machine every evening.
  4. D.    Wash pots, pans, and trays by hand.
  5. E.     Remove trash and garbage to dumpster.
  6. F.      Clean and roll/unroll mats.
  7. G.    Fill/empty soak tubs with cleaning/sanitizing solutions.
  8. H.    Sweep/mop floors in entire kitchen area, including storage room.
  9. I.        Assemble/disassemble dish machine for cleaning purposes.
  10. J.       General restaurant cleaning as directed.
  11. K.    Wipe up any spills to ensure kitchen floors remain dry.
  12. L.     Must notify supervisor, or designee, anytime dish machine wash or rinse cycle falls below safety standard temperatures.
  13. Perform other duties as needed or as assigned.

2.         Other Restaurant Activities                                                                                           10% of Time

A.  Assist culinary staff with food preparation as requested.

B.   Assist with cleaning off tables in restaurant and Bistro as requested.

C.   Assist servers with maintaining side-work, such as polishing silverware, folding napkins, filling condiments, etc.

D.  Report to work in a neat and clean uniform and adheres to dress code policy.

E.   Frequently washes hands and maintains sanitary environment.

III.       Mission/Values

1.Promotes the community in all interactions within and outside the community. Demonstrates loyalty and pride in the facility, its associates and departments.
2.Safeguards the confidentiality of information regarding residents/clients and the community.
3.Projects a professional and caring demeanor in interactions with residents/clients, family members, visitors, and employees.  Provides exemplary customer service to all internal and external customers.
4.Communicates effectively both verbally and in writing.
5.Demonstrates an attitude of teamwork when interacting with other associates within the community.
6.Anticipates needs of residents/clients and co-workers in a pro-active fashion seeking to meet those needs even before a formal request is made.
7.Takes responsibility for maintaining a clean, neat and orderly environment.  Uses equipment, supplies and other materials with a focused effort to reduce waste.
8.Welcomes suggestions and new ideas as an opportunity to learn, grow and improve services.
9.Adheres to all established policies and procedures of the organization.
10.Assists the organization in detecting, reporting, and correcting work activities that may potentially be considered inappropriate, illegal or fraudulent.
11.Completes assignments in a timely manner and communicates to the supervisor if problems/issues arise regarding the completion of assignments.
12.Responds timely and provides required documentation (i.e. current certification, CPR, annual TB test, etc.) and information to HR as requested.  
13.Abides by work schedule, participates in weekend and holiday rotation as assigned.  Has regular and predictable attendance.  
14.Accurately and consistently records time worked utilizing key fab system.  
15.Attends and participates in continuing education programs as required.  

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