As a Cook, you provide care for our residences with friendly, positive co-workers adjacent Coffee Creek Watershed Preserve. 

Our staff work in our culture of teamwork and respect – with some laughter throughout the day!  We work together towards our goal of exceptional resident care.

The Cook is responsible for preparing food to be served complying with all applicable sanitation, health, and personal hygiene standards and following established food production programs and procedures. 

I.                   Cooking Activities

1.            Cooking Activities                                                                                                                                              90% of Time

  1. Prepare food as directed by the Executive Chef. 
  2. Assure the proper seasoning and cooking methods are used according to the Executive Chef’s recipes and direction.  Apportion food for serving.
  3. Maintain the appointed presentation of dishes and quality of dishes directed by the Executive Chef.
  4. Complies with established sanitation standards, personal hygiene, and health standards. Observes proper food preparation and handling techniques.
  5. Stores food properly and safely by marking dates and items.
  6. Complete food temperature checks before service.
  7. Perform other duties as needed or as assigned.

2.            Other Restaurant Activities                                                                                                                           10% of Time

A.    Assist with other restaurant duties as needed to ensure the needs of the residents and guests are met.

B.    Assist in maintaining a clean and sanitary work area.

C.    Reports necessary equipment repair and maintenance

D.    Report to work in a neat and clean uniform and adheres to dress code policy.

E.    Frequently washes hands and maintains sanitary environment.

To apply, complete our online form.

Typing your name on our online applications will be your signed consent that information is truthful and accurate and provides your approval to conduct background screenings.

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