Veterans Day Is November 11!  We Say “Thanks” to All Our Vets and Spouses of Vets in Residences Senior Living and Throughout Northwest Indiana Every Day!

November 11 marks the national observance of Veterans Day each year.  Commemorative celebrations salute the veterans who live in Residences at Deer Creek Senior Living in Schererville and Residences at Coffee Creek in Chesterton.  We are always pleased to invite their families and friends to join the festivities and make the day special. We enjoy sharing the celebration moments on Facebook with photos.   

The 2022 theme is HONOR, chosen to reflect the military’s tradition of answering the call to duty and service to our country.  We set aside this day to thank and honor all who served in the military, whether during war or peace.  It’s a time to thank our veterans for their time and sacrifice, for bravery and courage, and for the example they set for protecting our freedom and democracy.

This year we especially salute Ed, Bob, Don, and Charlie at Deer Creek. These gentlemen recall with ease and detail, their stories.  Our veterans at Coffee Creek also love to share their experiences in the armed forces:  Richard, Les, Ken, Tony, Joe, Earl, David, John, Bobby, Tim, and Carl.

It is indeed our honor to serve our vets and the spouses of veterans every day, offering the very best support and care they so deserve in their senior years.


The Veterans Day designation has an interesting history beginning with the end of World War I.

Originally, the designation was “Armistice Day” on November 11, 1919—in honor of the last day of gunfire in 1918 and the unofficial end of World War I.  It was the first time in four years the gunfire ceased through an armistice between Germany and the Allied nations on the Western Front. The official end of WWl was the signing of The Treaty of Versailles in June 1919. November 11, 1919, was the first anniversary of the end of WWI. November 11 is also in honor of the eleventh hour of the eleventh day of the eleventh month of 1918 that heralded the end of gunfire.

In 1926 there was a resolution for an annual observance and November 11, Armistice Day, became a national holiday beginning in 1938. In 1954 then-President Eisenhower officially changed the name to Veterans Day.  In 1968 there was a Uniform Holidays Bill passed by congress that moved the celebration of Veterans Day to the fourth Monday of October; the law went into effect in 1971.  By 1975 President Ford changed the celebration back to November 11 due to the historical significance of that date.

Veterans Day commemorates all veterans of all wars with a wreath memorial service at Arlington National Cemetery. Yet unlike Memorial Day Veterans Day salutes all American veterans, alive or deceased, and especially thanking living veterans who served their country honorably whether during war or peacetime. There are always questions about whether to say “thanks” on Veterans Day to someone currently serving or who has served. The answer is YES, absolutely recognize our military service people!

The Veterans Aid and Attendance Benefit provide financial aid to help offset the costs of long-term care. 

This benefit often surprises people who are generally not aware that they may be eligible for significant assistance.  Wartime veterans and their surviving spouses age 65 or older, may be entitled to Veterans Aid and Attendance Benefit provided through the Department of Veterans Affairs.

The Benefit is designed to provide financial assistance for the veteran or surviving spouse who need assistance with daily activities of living –bathing, eating, dressing, toileting, and transferring.  Eligibility is limited to veterans who served during a period of war; not necessarily that they have been in combat but have been enlisted during a war.


Residences Senior Living understands that eldercare costs and support can seem like an unending maze to seniors and their families.  We are committed to be a resource. Our goal is to guide those needing financial and social services assistance to agencies serving specific needs.

 One example is our connection to ElderLife Financial to assist families and veterans with the process of qualifying and applying for the Veterans aid and Attendance helpful benefit.  The Veterans Administration may also be contacted directly to begin the process.  

ElderLife has indicated the Aid and Attendance Benefit amounts for 2023 are as follows:

$2,229 per month  for a single veteran

$2,642 per month for veteran and spouse

$1,750 per month for spouse of healthy veteran

$1,432 per month for a surviving spouse of a veteran.

For more information contact us 1-800-557-9176.

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