Strategies to Manage Stress Related Anxiety

With life’s day to day stress, anxiety can be at an all-time high.  It is important to manage stress related anxiety in a positive manner. Our stress can affect us and those around us, so finding ways to cope is really important.  Without addressing anxiety, physical health can often be affected leading to a decreased quality of life.

Self-care tips you can do at home to eliminate stress

Although seeing a professional to address anxiety can be beneficial, there are some excellent and very effective self-care tips that you can do right at home to help eliminate stress.

Healthy eating and physical activity.

Move Your Body

Doing 30 minutes of exercise per day has excellent physical and mental health benefits. Choose exercises you actually like so you look forward to it.


Having a well-balanced diet and not missing meals can help keep you looking and feeling great. Good nutrition also provides the body with the right energy it needs.


The power of positive thinking and deep breathing can help slow your heart rate when you are anxious.

A get together of friends.


Internalizing feelings of anxiety can build up over time and cause depressive effects. If you are feeling overwhelmed, talk to family, friends, a co-worker or friend. Ask for the help you need. Attending a local support group could also be strongly beneficial.


Rest can be drastically affected by anxiety. Anxiety can cause you to sleep too much, or not sleep enough. It’s important to recognize that when you are anxious, it takes a toll on your body, and allowing more rest is always best.

Make Goals

Set small daily goals for yourself so you feel accomplished.

Listen to Music

Music has amazing mood-altering abilities, can help distract your mind and even lower your blood pressure.


Give yourself some grace and understanding when you are anxious. Know that it is okay to have a heightened sense of stress at times and allow yourself to take a “time-out” and address that in the ways that help you most.

Looking for assistance?

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