Staying Young at Heart as We Age

Things can certainly change as we age, and with each change comes a new norm. Children grow up and have children of their own. Health can change and sometimes downsizing or moves take place, as well as social circles becoming smaller.

Socialization and meaningful interactions are so important as we age. Keeping our minds stimulated can have several positive effects. A study from the Rush Alzheimer’s Disease Center in Chicago found that highly social seniors have a 70 percent lower rate of cognitive decline than less social peers.

There are many ways to stay young at heart, and keep socially engaged with peers and the ones we love. Staying socially active is important for inner peace and overall health.

Here are some great tips to stay young at heart: 

• Maintain your social network.

Make an effort to keep your close personal relationships with family, friends, church members, neighbors and other important people in your life. If they are not close by, try to stay in touch via phone, email or even Facebook.

• Keep your mind sharp by playing “mind” games.

Doing crossword puzzles, board games or playing games with others can help you stay connected to your peers. Playing games is also a great way to exercise your brain.

• Try something new!

Get involved with a local senior center, book club, garden club, church or art club. This is a wonderful way to meet others and create new relationships.

• Back to work?

After retirement, going back to work, even at minimal hours, can be incredibly fulfilling.

• Expand your skill set.

Develop those traits you’ve picked up along the way, whether in your career or personal life, and fine-tune those to help others now. Becoming an asset to someone or an organization is a great way to feel purposeful. 

• Become a volunteer.

Volunteering can create a sense of purpose and be fun at the same time. Many local organizations have volunteer opportunities that are perfect for retirees!

• Remove toxic relationships.

Avoid spending time with those who are unhappy and try to surround yourself with people who make you feel good. Having a healthy social network relieves stress.

• Grandchildren?

If you have grandchildren, great-grandchildren or other young ones in your life, why not offer to babysit? Being around children can keep you mentally and physically active, and most importantly make you smile.

• Get moving!

Exercising every day is great for the mind, body and soul. Even if it is just walking, try incorporating some sort of exercise into your life if you don’t already.

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• We can age on our terms.

It’s not uncommon for older people to become socially and intellectually withdrawn. But if you make an effort to stay engaged as you get older, you will find more joy and satisfaction in life — and there is a good chance you will stay healthier as you age.

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