Pet-Friendly Stories from Residences at Coffee Creek

Everyone has a story, and our furry and feathered friends here seem to be unique! Enjoy their “tales” as told by our residents!

Dylan waiting to have his caricature drawn at Residences at Coffee Creek Caricatures and Cocktails event February 10th.

Everybody loves Dylan—Dylan the dog, that is! “He’s like one of the family, for me and everyone living and working at Residences at Coffee Creek,” says Kathi, Dylan’s owner and “mom.” “My daughter really picked a winner when she discovered this tiny, tiny little pup who wouldn’t eat. She put him in my hand and I knew I just had to keep him,” she recalls. “We had to bottle-feed him.” Dylan is a poodle/shiz-tu mix.

He’s still a finicky eater, according to Kathi, “But he loves the chef-prepared meals here at Coffee Creek! Pets are not allowed in the dining area but the kitchen staff sure caters to Dylan’s palette,” she laughs. “They’re all so nice, they don’t make us feel guilty. They’ll make a burger for both of us, just the way we like it—medium for Dylan, medium rare for me.”

However, his favorite is a cheeseburger from McDonald’s with ketchup, no bun. “Maybe Dylan knows I was once an owner/operator for the chain and that my family now owns and operates McDonald’s in the area,” Kathi laughs again.

“Dylan gives me so much comfort and companionship. He’s really helped me make it through the Covid-19 pandemic; he even has his own mask,” she explains. Dylan helped Kathi make new friends when she first moved in some months ago. “All I had to do was walk down the hall with Dylan,” she said. Kathi and Dylan have what she fondly refers to as “our table” at the end of the bistro in the lobby. “I don’t think he knows he’s a dog. The only time he barks is to get someone’s attention if he feels like he’s being ignored,” she continued.

Dylan goes everywhere with Kathi. He even helps her with the laundry just down the hall from their apartment, where he has his own little “man cave.” Kathi makes it clear she would not have chosen Coffee Creek as a new residence if Dylan wasn’t welcome. “It wasn’t even necessary to pay extra fees or deposits; the only requirement they had was size and weight limits, something Dylan and I didn’t have to worry about,” she commented.

“We’ve got the best walking grounds here, the Coffee Creek Watershed Preserve is beautiful year round. When it’s too cold or snowy we stay in, but we can still see the courtyards where he likes to play. We just take our daily walks throughout the building till then.”

“How’d he get his name? Bob Dylan, of course, and the poet Dylan Thomas,” says Kathi. It’s good to be famous!

Dylan the dog.
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