Holiday Gifts for Seniors They Can Really Use!

Some seniors are often the first to say they don’t really want anyone to spend money on them, buy a holiday gift, they have everything they need.  Still others will have a need.  Household items are obvious and an easy purchase, but sometimes their clothing needs are the most important and the most challenging. Maybe those who think they have everything aren’t aware of the new items being created every year to accommodate the growing numbers of seniors.

Seniors share a common goal of valuing independence. Sure, continuing to drive and stay active are at the top of their Wish List, but even the most active seniors may have a problem buttoning a shirt or zipping a zipper.  Add an extra measure of thoughtfulness to gift-giving for seniors.  Start with a conversation– listen to them talk about what it’s like for them to get dressed in the morning. Careful observation will also provide clues as to what might make daily activities easier.  Arthritis can make hands and fingers stiff and hinder even the simplest of tasks, for example. Reaching for dropped items can also increase a fall risk. Thankfully, there are many new alternatives to help seniors, whether the difficulty is with clothing or with other activities of daily living.

Increasingly there are websites specializing in adaptive clothing for seniors.  Check out favorite store brands such as Penny’s, Target, and Kohls—surprise, they now offer adaptive clothing. There are shirts and blouses and sweaters for men and women with Velcro or magnets sewn in under flaps with the outside appearance of buttons.  Most websites emphasize comfort and style along with their functional clothing offerings.  Everything from easy on/off shoes to soft slippers with skid resistant soles, to compression socks that would be the envy of any grandkid who likes cool patterns and colors are now available.  Baby Boomers still want to have fun!

Obviously  and more than ever, all sorts of new inventions and gadgets are available to assist seniors.  Grabber tools are really popular and inexpensive, too.  Some devices are very pricey, but great gifts when the entire family contributes and makes a dream come true for a relative in need. Here’s a sampling of the amazing gizmos that are out there –on the web, that is!

  • Reminder Alarm Clocks—programmed to alert of appointments, time to eat, time to take medicine or whatever the reminder needs to be, using the recorded voice of a loved one to enhance the personalized touch.
  • Wireless TV Listening Systems—connected to the TV, one can choose to wear earbuds or a comfortable headset to enhance hearing.
  • Recliners that convert into many positions, including into a bed for sleeping.
  • Chairlifts that manually help lift a person into a standing position without pain or strain—these can be used with chairs or sofas throughout the home.

Gifts for seniors now can be as useful, as comforting, as stylish as they need to be—it’s the thought that counts—and the thoughtfulness on the part of the giver that makes all the difference!

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