Holiday Coping Tips for Seniors Who Are Caregivers for Their Spouse 

Every day is a busy, stress-filled day if you are a senior providing an extra measure of support and care for your husband or wife.  And now the holiday season is upon you.  Now you’re extra overwhelmed! Seriously, do you really need to host a big dinner?  Take a deep breath, read through our tips for relieving some of the burdens you know you’re piling on yourself. Make it easy, take it easy, on The Big Day!  

  • Keep it small—just a few people at a time! Invite only the closest family or friends on the special day, and don’t be afraid to ask everyone to bring a dish! Invite other relatives to come another day for a visit—one that doesn’t require a dinner! Best idea yet—consider a lunch or brunch at a restaurant and everyone chips in for the festivities. Your only concern is getting there! 
  • Change your expectations, actually there is never a need for perfection, just learn to accept doing the best you can, under your circumstances.  It’s time to pass the traditional recipes on to the next generation! Focus on what’s important, what can make you and your spouse smile.  Take out the old photos, it’s time for reminiscing and chuckling at “the way we were”  back then. Watch favorite movies listen to favorite music, enjoy a good conversation. It’s a break from caregiving right in your own home. 
  • Change the way you shop! Order on-line and take advantage of home delivery—everything from gifts to meals.  You’ll be starting new traditions! 
  • Resolve to join a Caregivers Support Group in January 2023. It will give you something new and super helpful to look forward to next year.  Residences at Coffee Creek is host  for two specific groups, one for caregivers of those with Dementia and another for those who give care to Parkinson’s patients who are invited to the exercise class during the support group meeting. Check the offerings in detail on our Events section of our website. 
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