Happy Veterans Day!

Veteran’s Day has always been acknowledged as a special day for all residents who bravely served the armed forces. This year we would like to share with you a special story and cherished memory of Lt. Colonel Arthur Vos written by Ruth Buikema.

“As long as I can remember, my Dad has served his country. He served in Korea, and then joined the National Guard. Art commanded over 400 men when the death of Martin Luther King Jr. spawned riots in the city of Chicago. When Art was promoted as Lt. Colonel there was a large ceremony with 700 plus men and our family got to attend.

When we entered the auditorium, every man jumped up and saluted. You could have heard a pin drop. My Dad looked at the crowd and returned the salute. To us he was just Dad, but to hundreds of others he was so much more. We are very proud of our Dad not only for his service but for being a part of something greater which has a lasting impact for generations to come.”