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Like any disease, dementia is intensely personal. It never plays out the same way in different people – and that’s why Residences Senior Living’s memory care program isn’t one-size-fits-all. 

At both our Deer Creek and Coffee Creek locations in northwest Indiana, we combine an experienced, caring staff with distinctive opportunities to engage and nurture residents. Learn more about the Residences Senior Living approach to memory care below.

Safe, Comfortable Surroundings for Residents with Dementia

At a Residences memory care neighborhood, you’ll see our commitment to our residents in many ways, starting with the very way the neighborhoods are built.

“Our apartments in memory care are probably larger than most of our competitors – they’re well over 375 square feet, and they all feature kitchenettes,” said Melissa Huffman, Director of Sales and Marketing. “They really mirror that home environment. It’s not just a room.”

Residents are free to explore the entire memory care neighborhood, including a secure outdoor area. WanderGuard technology bracelets help keep them secure and alert the staff if a resident tries to leave a main exit.

Inside, tactile artwork on the walls and plenty of seating areas throughout the neighborhood provide comfort and a sense of home.

In addition, staff members – many of whom are Certified Dementia Practitioners, and all of whom have undergone specific training – are always available when a resident needs help, day or night.

Huffman recalled a recent day when she’d walked into one of the memory care neighborhoods and saw the staff members engaging all the residents in the area with a fun activity: keeping a balloon afloat by bouncing it off a pool noodle.

“It seems so simplistic, but everybody was so happy, down to the staff,” she said. “So even those little bits of staff training show them how they can do the smallest thing and make a big impact with everybody.”

And finally, rehabilitation and therapy services, plus an on-site neurologist, are available to help keep residents healthy and functioning at their best.

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Choices and Activities at Residences Senior Living

Both Residences communities offer the Snoezelen® Multi-Sensory Therapy Program – something many other memory care programs in the Midwest don’t have. This program combines a range of sensory experiences to soothe, stimulate the memory and help treat people with cognitive impairments.

“We try to incorporate things like drumming circles, aromatherapy and art therapy. We try to honor our residents at every different level and get their sensory processing engaged,” said Huffman.

Besides the Snoezelen® environments, residents are nurtured in a variety of other ways, including in allowing them to make their own choices when it comes to dining. Residents are encouraged to come to breakfast on their own schedule and oftentimes decide what they want to eat.

“We don’t diminish the fact that the residents have dementia and say, ‘Oh, Bill doesn’t really want pancakes, he’s just saying that’ – we’ll actually go do that,” said Huffman.

She added, “It’s not your typical dining experience. Some of the higher-functioning residents actually can and will order from a menu at times.”

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Connecting Past to Present for Residents with Dementia

Because a Residences Senior Living memory care neighborhood is truly a home for the residents who live there, there are no limits on visiting hours for family members. Before 8 a.m. or after 8 p.m., visitors can call the front desk and pop in for a visit any time.

“There are a lot of little sitting nooks and places for them to connect. They can have meaningful visits with their loved ones that aren’t just in their apartment or in a big common area with everyone,” said Huffman.

Residents can also take part in everyday activities – such as baking bread – in ways that remind them of their past and help them stay connected to the present.

Beyond the neighborhoods, residents can even enjoy trips to local destinations, like the nearby Coffee Creek Watershed, or bus trips to get coffee or ice cream.

“At Residences Senior Living, just because someone may have dementia doesn’t mean their quality of life is diminished,” said Huffman. “We really honor every part of their dementia process. And it’s on their terms, not ours.”

Learn More About Memory Care at Residences Senior Living in Northwest Indiana

Does Residences Senior Living’s unique approach to memory care sound right for your loved one? Our two locations in northwest Indiana might be the right option. Contact us today for more information about our services, costs, benefits and more.

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