Exceeding Expectations –Exceptional  Staff  Honored at Residences at Coffee Creek’s 1st Annual Banquet Honoring Employees

Displayed in a place of prominence in the Lobby at Residences at Coffee Creek, there is an oversize announcement board.  Important information and event flyers are posted as a means of communication.  But there is communication of still greater importance.  On the small table next to the display is a framed announcement “Special Recognition” and a pen with a rose, inviting residents and their families to fill out a form and take it to the Concierge.  Staff is also encouraged to nominate a co-worker.

These Special Recognitions are posted on the board for all to read. 

This recent activity has indeed “exceeded expectations” as a great way to obtain feedback, express appreciation and honor staff.  On January 11, the effort took another step toward honoring all staff with the 1st Annual Banquet Honoring Employees.  

1st Annual Employee Awards Program

The entire staff was invited to attend the appreciation event.

They filled the tables in the restaurant and were served a sumptuous meal in their honor.  “Our employees contribute so much every day to support our Mission.  Through it we pledge “to maximize the quality of life for our residents, their families and our staff through respect, compassion, and excellence,” emphasizes Kelly Wright, Director of Human Resources.

Fabulous food for a fabulous team of employees!

The award winners were voted exceptional by their peers and residents.

“The Special Recognition program was introduced as encouragement and appreciation for staff acts of concern and kindness. Through the nominations and the sharing of the forms, we wanted to enable staff to receive more immediate accolades.  On any given day, there is a new posting as a Special Recognition for everyone to read,” explains Kaitlynn Redmon, Executive Director. “

Kaitlynn described the evening as a wonderful party and a truly heartwarming occasion.  “To see everyone together, having a great time, and applauding their peers was tremendous,” she said.  “I consider myself blessed to work with so many supportive individuals who value each other as well as the duties they perform,” she added. 

“I can say with pride that we have so many creative, compassionate, resourceful and above all caring teams of employees, it is no wonder we felt our Mission was accomplished that evening. But tomorrow is another day; I feel we have raised the bar for excellence yet again so we will mark our goal for 2023 to exceed even more expectations,” continued  Kaitlynn,”… and to continue to support and recognize our staff every day.”

Nursing Team enjoying the evening.

Congratulations to Award Recipients!


Wilma Purcell

Lead Concierge/Marketing:

Katie Garcia

Life Enrichment:

Angela Williams

Nursing Department:

Diane Cardwell

Jamie Crane

Angelica Galvez

Lamesha Harris

Bonita Landon

Pamela Zosso

Bonita also serves residents through Nursing
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