Becky Dunbar Elected As First Charter Member of Chesterton Alumni Association’s Hall of Fame

Becky Dunbar, currently residing at Residences at Coffee Creek Senior Living, was recently nominated and elected to be one of two first Charter Members of Chesterton High School Alumni Association’s Hall of Fame. As a life-long Chesterton resident, teacher, educational advocate, community leader for many organizations including Chesterton Women’s Club, Tri Kappa, and Duneland Resale Shop, she was especially recognized for her “most notable accomplishment”, seeing the need to help students navigate college or trade school applications, financial aid information, and transitioning from high school to adult life. The Chesterton High School College and Career Center was created due to these efforts of Becky and has helped students for more than 30 years. The announcement was scheduled for the first CHS Hall of Fame Banquet which was to be held in May but was postponed due to covid-19. It was observed that “The Duneland School Corporation and community are the beneficiaries of (Becky’s) efforts and dedication.”

A “Dynamic Duo of Love for and Service to the Duneland Community” Leads to a Family Legacy

Richard Dunbar, one of Becky and Robert Dunbar’s three adult children, commented about how as children you are not aware of the significance of your parents’ active participation in so many community organizations. “Our father was President of Porter Bank and was at least as involved as Mom, having served as President of Rotary, on hospital boards, local utility boards and more. As time goes by, you become more aware and have a greater appreciation of time, giving back, meaningful activity and a better understanding of the sacrifices made.”

Deb Brown, their daughter, said “Over his lifetime my dad received recognition many times for his accomplishments and contributions. When I read the description of the Hall of Fame for CHS, I immediately thought it described my mother; she absolutely loved working at CHS throughout her life.” She described how Becky’s first job at CHS was in the office with the principal, who became her father-in-law, and secretary, who became her best friend!

Dave Dunbar echoes the sentiments and reflections of his siblings and shares the pride and commitment.

The Dunbar Family Foundation in Chesterton continues the legacy of their parents, specifically for Chesterton. Richard, Dave, and Deb may reside in other communities across the country but the values they learned from their parents are also a product of life in Duneland. They are affiliated in communities where they are currently “planted” but remain dedicated to their “roots.”

“Small Town Roots Run Deep” and Remain Important Throughout a Lifetime

Becky’s life, ( in fact, their entire family’s lives), is a reflection of her small-town roots, Richard explains: “She loved and still loves her community—it’s as important to her second only to family. We learned the value of a tight-knit community and the commitment it represents.”

“ Becky and Robert were one of the first couples choosing to relocate to Residences at Coffee Creek in Chesterton as they retired and planned for their next lifestyle,” commented Natalie Reisen, Director of Marketing and Sales. “Remaining in Chesterton was essential!” Deb said she always knew Becky’s roots at CHS ran deep and said ironically she has a friend in RCC’s Memory Care neighborhood, who also worked at CHS and together they had breakfast at CHS every Friday for years! Natalie said she was honored to be a part of helping Becky and Robert transition. Robert has since passed on, and Natalie also makes the point “It makes our entire staff so happy to see friendships flourish in new ways, that’s what we’re all about, keeping as well as making new, relationships thrive in our ‘community within our community’ here in Chesterton. And more than ever, during this covid-19 challenge, a sense of family and community where you are ‘planted’ is more meaningful than ever.” “We are so very proud of Becky!”

Becky and Robert Dunbar
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