A Starry Night – Prom for Our Seniors at Residences at Coffee Creek Senior Living

Stars are still shining in the eyes of our residents who filled the dining area with glamor, dancing, and a menu fit for any gala pre or post prom. March 31, 2022 was indeed A Starry Night to remember and never forget as residents and their families enjoyed a real senior prom, complete with the crowning of a King and Queen.

Kaitlynn Redmon, Executive Director, described their first Prom as an event that proved to be as important and emotion-filled to the staff as it was to the residents and families.

“From the idea throughout the planning, I have to say everyone on staff contributed to its success. We had such great leadership from our Life Enrichment Team, led by Angela Williams, Director.” Angela paid the accolades forward to her team. “If not for Mary Ann, Julie and Wilma’s enthusiasm and follow-through from the start, we couldn’t have created such a great evening for our residents. And my co-workers from the Leadership Team and their staffs provided such a great response to every idea—we couldn’t have done this without them all,” she explained.

To create atmosphere and a beautiful backdrop for photos, Terry Petre, Director of Maintenance, created the “over-the-moon” cutout for the Starry Night.

You can see it in all the great photos that were taken over the evening. Residents posed with other friends; they came back for another pose with family. Then they posed with staff, too. Creating memories is what Prom is all about, whether you’re a high school senior or engaging life as a senior.

In fact, according to Kaitlynn, it’s one of the benefits of senior living here. “Creating the Prom was purpose-filled.
We knew it was one of the latest trends in senior living and has so many benefits. Lifting the spirits is so vital to overall well-being and bringing back fun memories is always sure to bring out a smile or laughter. Prom is also a night of getting together with new friends and making long-lasting memories that are also new.”

Of course the music is therapeutic any time—but especially when bringing out the DJ –Wayne Pera from 5 Star DJ knew exactly what oldies but goodies to bring out along with new vibes, too. Everyone was dancing and at least “busting a move.”

”Despite any assistance devices (walkers or wheelchairs), they were dancing, according to Natalie Reisen, Director of Sales and Marketing. “Movement is so key to seniors’ good health. Music that makes you feel strong enough to move must also be good for the soul. The fun is that no one cared to think about how they were strengthening muscles and even burning calories after the delicious meal prepared specially for Prom.”

Chef Dan Davila created a sumptuous menu. There was prime rib, hand-carved for families as well as residents. Everyone feasted with all the trimmings plus dessert and all who cared to be wined while dined did so!

Natalie, Kaitlynn and Angela described how the sponsors they asked to participate exceeded any expectations.

“We found that another uplifting benefit of Prom is treating yourself to glamour and dressing up.  Ladies enjoyed make-up preparations by staff thanks to contributions for Celeste Ux, local Mary Kay consultant. There were beautiful dresses and apparel, there were boutonnieres and corsages, 

thanks to Dunes Hospice, whose staff enjoyed our evening too while serving as hostesses.  What great fun when The Bonner Senior Center Dancers came to share the latest line dance.  Along with the DJ, they helped ‘crank it up’ for the evening,” noted Kaitlynn, “and we can’t thank all of our community sponsors enough for how they made everyone happy at The Starry Night.”

It was a true date night! Many couples were together. But what could be more special and spectacular than being crowned King and Queen 2022 when it’s also your 60th wedding anniversary?! There were indeed stars in the eyes of Dorothy and Thermon, both are residents, as they were hailed and revered by everyone as the evening’s royalty. There were a few tears in the eyes of the staff, family and friends—but they were of joy and gladness for the royal couple. 

Kaitlynn summed it up best. “We always want to think of new ways to surround our residents with love and appreciation. We want them to know how we feel about them—that it is our pleasure to serve them and honor them for all the contributions they’ve made over their lifetimes. With nights like this, we know ‘the beat will go on’…”

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